3D Laser Scanning Being Utilized in the World of Commercial Construction

If you follow our bi-monthly electronic newsletter, then you may remember reading a short story a couple of months ago that focused on the benefits of using 3D laser printing. If you missed it, that’s okay because we will go a little more in-depth on the topic soon here on our website.

But today, we want to focus on something similar yet also different – 3D laser SCANNING.

3D Scanning Image

While still cost prohibitive for many smaller companies, this incredible technology, as well as 3D printing, is becoming quite popular in the world of commercial construction. And that’s why we’re going to discuss the topic here on our whayland.com blog page.

There are two main functions of this groundbreaking new technology. These are 1) to help with the design and construction of buildings and 2) for gaining survey information about a particular location.

But there are also different types of scanning technology that vary depending on the need, as well as the industry. For example, if you’re surveying a piece of property, you can use scanning technology to document existing conditions and create the initial design for your project.


This technology takes less time and can provide extremely accurate results when beginning a new construction project. And less time by the contracting team often translates to less money spent by the client.

3D Scanning

Image from truepointscanning.com

And speaking of the client, using 3D technology has many inherent benefits. These include:

  • Decreased Project Costs. See above, as it relates to less time and more accurate pre-construction results.
  • Fewer Physical Site Visits. You can basically accumulate all of the data you need in one or two visits, then prepare for the beginning of the job.
  • Lower Overall Risk. Using 3D scanning, there won’t typically be any surprises. You’ll have a clear picture of what you’re dealing with at all times, and be prepared for any and all scenarios.
  • Better Information Management. Just think of the time-tested Boy Scout motto and you will always “be prepared” for what you’ll encounter, both on the job site and at the office.
  • Capture Conditions in High Resolution. This isn’t some fuzzy photo like the ones you see when someone robs a bank or convenience store. These will be crisp, clear photos for you and/or your staff to analyze.

3D scanning and printing is really the wave of the future in the world of commercial and residential construction. Stay tuned here on www.whayland.com in the coming months for more on this groundbreaking technology.

Have a great day!

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