5 Great Reasons for “Keeping It Local”

All of us here at the Whayland Co., take a great deal of pride in being integral parts of the communities in which we live and do business.

We’ve always been a locally owned company and we enjoy building businesses, residential clubhouses and more for other locally owned companies. But we also take pride in building relationships and helping to strengthen our great communities and our local economy.

A big part of that is the “buy local” movement that started several years ago. There are many reasons for buying locally whenever possible, and we’re going to share a few of them with you now.

  • You’re supporting your friends and neighbors. Small “mom and pop” type businesses often suffer when so-called “big box stores” enter a local market, due to the latter’s buying power and the ability to offer lower prices. If you can, please consider supporting a locally owned business and improving the possibility of them remaining viable.
  • If you’re buying food, local options are healthier. The fresher the food, the more nutrition it will retain and the healthier it will be for you and your family.

  • It encourages job growth. The more businesses that remain open, the greater the need for more employees. Support a local business and assist in the creation and retention of jobs.
  • More consumer options. The more stores that remain open in an area, the greater choices there are for the consumer. That “big box” store may have a larger selection, but they might not have items that are known to be local and/or traditional favorites.
  • Improves the local communities. Locally owned companies generally donate more money to schools, charities and other local service organizations than do the larger national outlets.

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Generally, supporting your locally owned businesses and organizations creates nothing but positive outcomes for the community at large.

As a locally owned and operated business ourselves, we encourage everyone on Delmarva to also support your friends and neighbors in whatever way you can.

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