6 Construction Related Trends to Look out for in 2018

As we come to the end of 2017, it’s a perfect time for looking ahead to the new year. More specifically, what could 2018 have in store for those of us who make our livings in the construction industry?

There are no crystal balls, of course, but industry leaders have identified a number of trends that they expect to either continue or be created in the following calendar year.

Every market is different, including ours here on Delmarva, but these are trends that are expected to impact the industry nationwide.

Let’s take a look…

  • Continued Advancements in Technology. Expect to see increases in the areas of 3D printing and drone usage, as well as new mobile applications and more in 2018. Virtual reality technology and applications will also have a growing presence in the construction industry.

  • Better Safety Procedures. It’s widely known that those working in the construction industry are susceptible to a wide variety of workplace accidents. We work hard every day to minimize these occurrences, but things will undoubtedly happen from time to time. In 2018, expect to see a continued focus on improving safety procedures across the board via technology and new workplace guidelines.

  • Continued Demand. While it may not continue on the pace it has been, growth in the overall industry is expected to continue in 2018. This has been a great year for Whayland, and for many in the construction world, and we think next year will also be extremely positive. Both the residential and commercial sectors are expected to see continued growth in 2018.

  • Increase in Modular Projects. These types of builds have grown in popularity due to their cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency options. We are a player in this part of the industry, and we expect this segment to continue growing in 2018.

  • Increased Focus on Sustainability. We expect the recent focus on ecological benefits to continue in 2018 industry-wide. Expect green building options to also increase for another year.

  • Material Costs will Remain High. This has been a trend in recent years, which we expect will continue in 2018. This can make things tough, and means companies need to consider cutting costs in other areas in order to stay competitive.

Overall, we’re expecting another good year in 2018, though there will be some challenges along the way. But we can’t wait to get started on another great year living and working here on Delmarva.

Best wishes to all of our friends, clients, co-workers and neighbors for a happy and joyous 2018!

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