Energy Efficient Windows Are ALWAYS A Good Investment

There is perhaps no better way for saving money on your heating and cooling bills than by installing and maintaining the highest quality of energy efficient windows.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about here today on

Now there are certainly many tips and recommendations floating around on the Internet about energy efficient windows, including best features, things to be wary of and much, much more.

But we’ve decided to go straight to the source for our information, and that’s the United States Department of Energy. We’ll discuss a few of their recommendations, and then give you a few of our own time-tested suggestions for making the most of your windows and doors.

But here’s the bottom line – there is absolutely no questioning the fact that new, more efficient windows will eventually pay for themselves through lower heating and cooling bills. The question is not IF, but only a matter of WHEN this will become the case.

So, your investment is indeed always a good one, even if upfront costs are relatively high and give you pause.

But before we get into some of the specifics about choosing the right windows, take a couple of minutes and check out this interesting video from Alliant Energy’s PowerHouse TV, regarding how these energy efficient windows are made. It’s a great introduction to the topic we’ll be discussing below.

Now, on to some specifics about the topic at hand.

There are basically three factors to consider when deciding which windows are best for you, and we’ll discuss each one of them below. Follow these suggestions and you’re sure to find the best window, at the best price, to suit your needs moving forward.

First, you need to determine the DESIGN of your windows. This means deciding what windows will work best for you based on your climate and your home’s design.

For most of us here on Delmarva, that means choosing a four-season window that will benefit you not only in the dead of winter, but also in what can often be grueling summer seasons.

Basically, you want to select windows that will maximize solar heat gain in the winter and minimize it in the summer. We won’t get into all the technical talk here, but you can visit Energy.Gov for up to date performance ratings on all types of windows and doors.

Other factors to consider include glazing, coating, tints and other options that will help you in selecting the best windows for your home or business. And speaking of selection…

The next step in our journey to more energy efficient windows is the actual SELECTION of the windows. And that means wading through the dozens of choices available to you in the marketplace.

The first thing you want to do is consider the energy performance ratings of each option, in relation to your climate and your home’s design. This will help you to greatly narrow your selection.

The most important factors you’ll want to consider include the U-factors and the SHGCs (you want both of these numbers to be low) of each window, which will help you to maximize energy savings in the changing climates and seasons that we experience here on Delmarva.

Another important consideration is how the windows operate, and there are many choices. These include awning, casement, fixed, hopper, single and double hung and single and double sliding.

You want to look for a type that has low leakage rates, which will improve your efficiency. Keep in mind that there is no universally accepted right or wrong choice, only what is the best choice for you and your situation.

Last but certainly not least in our three-part list for choosing the best energy efficient windows for your home or business is the actual INSTALLATION of the product that you’ve chosen.

And that’s where we come in, at least if you choose to have your windows professionally installed. And we highly recommend that you do so.

Keep in mind that even the most energy efficient windows on the market today must be properly installed in order to ensure the desired results. Therefore, it’s really best to have a professional like the Whayland Co. do the installation for you.

Window installation depends not only on the type of window, but also on the construction of the home or business, the exterior cladding and the type of weather-restrictive barrier.

Windows should be properly installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and adequately sealed, to ensure they’re performing adequately.

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Choosing the best energy efficient windows can really make a big difference on your bottom line for many months and years, and even decades, after their proper installation.

Make the best choice for you and your situation and reap the benefits over time.

Good luck and have a great day!

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