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Dwain Moyer

Chief Estimator

Dwain is the Senior Estimator for the Whayland Company and is responsible for producing estimates and proposals that accurately reflect the needs and desires of clients who intend to construct new or renovate existing buildings. Dwain takes what is sometimes very limited information that an owner or architect provides and works to uncover all of the details needed to properly define an owner’s wishes so that subcontractors and suppliers can know and understand what is intended and then accurately quote prices. He then fully describes back to the owner the scope of the intended work and also a clear list of what is not included. Once work is successfully negotiated and under contract, Dwain works with the company’s project management team to transition into the construction phase as smoothly as possible with meetings and full explanations of how he has planned for the job to be executed. Dwain obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1994 in Construction Management and Technology at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore where he graduated with honors. Through the years, he has built experience in, and a reputation for, troubleshooting drawings and specifications to find the flaws and omissions and resolve them so that projects that come under contract flow as smoothly as possible. Dwain has constructed his own home personally, manages his own property management business and has supported his wife in the home schooling of their four children from Pre-K through high school graduation.