Protect Your Roof and Home/Business from Damage Caused by Heavy Snow

After the recent winter storm that dumped several inches of snow on the Delmarva Peninsula, we thought we’d publish a list of useful tips here on that could prove valuable when the next weather event comes our way. It is only mid-January after all, and there’s still plenty of cold weather to come.

So the next time Old Man Winter flexes his muscles and dumps more of the white stuff on our area, be prepared to protect your roof, and your home or business.

If you have heavy loads of snow on your roof, particularly if it’s flat, take these steps to prevent further damage:

  • Clear the area below your roof of any snow and debris, creating a space for snow to land and for you to obtain solid footing.
  • Using a roof rake, stand on firm, level ground and rake the snow you can reach from your rooftop onto the ground below. Keep in mind that snow can be light and fluffy or wet and pasty, and that pasty snow is much heavier and more difficult to remove in large clumps. In that instance, remove the snow in small strokes. Bob Vila demonstrates below

  • If your roof is flat, either climb a ladder to reach the rooftop or climb out a window onto the roof that is covered in snow. If your roof is not flat, it is not recommended that you try to climb/walk on it.
  • Using a shovel, toss remaining snow off the roof in small scoops. Take care not to lift shovelfuls that are too heavy, and maintain proper balance at all times. Again, bear in mind that wet snow is much heavier and such removal could require smaller, more frequent scoops.

Complete these steps after each major snowstorm to avoid dangerous weight accumulation on rooftops.

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