Showcase Your Home or Business With A Little “Outdoor TLC” This Spring

It’s springtime, which means many things to many people here on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Baseball season has started again, the nearby beaches are beginning to see increased activity and the kids are all preparing for Spring Break. But the common denominator is this – it’s warming up outside!

And what’s one thing many of us do when Mother Nature emerges from her annual winter freeze? We want to bring our lawns back to life, of course.

This is true for commercial properties, as well as residential homes. We all want the outside of our homes and/or businesses to look pleasant and inviting, right?

Well in that vein, we thought we’d share with you today a few “smart tips” for bringing the outside of your property back to life in the springtime, so you can show it off for the entire warm weather season here on Delmarva.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas:

  • Accent Your Home or Business. Every structure has interesting architectural features, so be sure to find those and highlight them in your landscape design. Examples include entranceways, unique windows, outdoor moldings and more.

Decorilla Photo

  • Add Movement. To make your landscape design more appealing, add a variety of plants and flowers that continuously change. Add plants that attract birds, for example, and plant some grasses or other features that sway in the breeze. This all attracts attention to the area and serves the purpose of showcasing your property in the best possible light.
  • Leave Formal Landscapes to the Professionals. In other words, don’t overdo it. Not only will it be incredibly difficult and probably expensive to maintain, it could also cause several logistical problems moving forward. For example, if you have matching trees or bushes giving your design a certain symmetry, that means if one dies or is destroyed, you’re probably going to have to replace all of them to maintain the designed affect.

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  • Know What Size Your Plantings will be When Fully Grown. You want to do some research in advance and know just how tall and/or wide your trees and bushes are going to be when they reach maturity. That small tree in the corner or by your main entrance may look good at 6 feet tall, but if it grows to four or five times that size, it may just become a nuisance. And that kind of defeats the purpose of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Landscape USA Photo

  • Make Sure You Keep up with the Maintenance. Every landscaping project looks good on Day One. But if you want to achieve that goal of making your home or business more appealing for the long-term, you need to keep up with it. Don’t let the weeds begin to dominate and keep those plants trimmed and flowers watered. If you don’t have time to do it on your own, hire someone to help you. There are plenty of landscaping companies in the local area; just do a Google search and pick your favorite.

Here’s the bottom line – most landscaping projects are great ideas in theory. But they take planning and lots of upkeep to pull off the desired affect, which is making your home and/or business more visually appealing to your neighbors.

Consider the above tips and start planning your outdoor landscaping feature today. And if you need help picking out a great local company, contact your local chamber of commerce or ask your neighbors.

There are a lot of great companies out there who, like the Whayland Co., are committed to giving you the best customer service experience with a personal touch.

Enjoy the spring everyone and join us again here soon for more great Delmarva content.

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