Size Doesn’t Always Matter, When It Comes To Commercial Construction Projects

The Whayland Co. has a well-earned reputation across Delmarva for its high-end, high quality construction jobs. For more than six decades, the company has thrived by erecting multi-million dollar structures that have become landmarks up and down the peninsula.

But look beyond the mammoth Johnny Janosik World of Furniture in Laurel, or any of these other massive structures, and you’ll discover a little known fact about the company that’s called Delmarva home for generations – Whayland is also an industry leader in small to mid-range construction and remodeling jobs.

For years, in fact, the company has regularly undertaken remodeling jobs that don’t cost more than just a few thousand dollars.

Popular jobs that fall into this category include ones that help business owners reconfigure current office space. As times change, so must technology, aging systems, carpeting, doors, ceiling tiles and countless other physical items.

Other popular remodeling requests in the 21st century center around compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. The law, which prohibits discrimination based on disability, ensures that people with disabilities have full access to commercial buildings throughout the United States.

For nearly 30 years, upgrading these systems has been a boon for qualified construction companies like Whayland.

And, as with most other aspects of life, things are constantly changing in the ADA world. Businesses are continuously striving to keep up with the provisions of the ADA, and changes are frequently made to this federal legislation. The most recent additions to the law came in 2010.

The basic train of thought when it comes to the ADA is this – it’s better to spend a small amount of money now, upgrading your facilities, than a large amount later. And that’s in addition to any fines that may be handed down by the federal government, because you’re not in compliance with this landmark piece of legislation.

Whayland is here to help, with a personally prepared consultation and estimate, if and when it’s desired.

In addition to ADA compliance and upgrading projects, other small to mid-range jobs Whayland performs on a regular basic include roofing work, heating and air conditioning projects and remodeling or expansion projects.

If you’d like to learn more about the Whayland Co., or to schedule a free evaluation regarding your construction or remodeling job, visit or call 302-875-5445.

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