They’re Not Frequent, But Tornadoes Do Form on Delmarva. Here’s How To Prepare…

If you’ve been watching the local news the last few days, you probably heard about the tornado that touched down near Greenwood earlier this week.

Here on Delmarva, we usually don’t think of tornadoes when it comes to natural disasters. Resting on the Atlantic seaboard, it’s hurricanes and nor’easters that usually wreak havoc on us here on the peninsula.

And due to the noticeable lack of twisters in this part of the country, many of us may not be aware of how to properly prepare for this type of a storm. Some tips are well known, like heading to a basement or storm cellar if the weather turns violent. But a few other suggestions may not have crossed your mind.

So, today we’re going to give you a few tips on how you can prepare your home or business for a possible tornado…

Create an emergency kit. You want to be prepared, in case the damage in the community is extensive and you can’t get to the store for supplies. Kits should include food and water to last for at least 72 hours, as well as a radio or other means of communication. Others things you should include are first aid supplies, medicine, some extra clothes, toiletries and a flashlight with new batteries.

Arrange and secure loose items. Whether your home or your business, move your furniture away from windows and, if possible, secure items to the walls or floors. This goes for outside your home as well – secure any patio furniture, picnic tables, children’s toys and whatever else could fly away and cause damage during the extreme winds that accompany tornadoes.

Build or designate a safe room. This is where your basement comes in, if you have one. However, basements are not as frequent on Delmarva as in other parts of the country due to the low lying and flat landscape. If you don’t have a basement, choose a room that has no windows, like a bathroom, a garage or another interior room on the first floor of your home or business. 

If needed, get to another safe place. If you live in a mobile home, don’t have a safe room or otherwise don’t feel like you would be protected during an extreme storm, find someplace else to go. But it’s important you do so as soon as possible, as you certainly don’t want to be caught out and about while a severe storm is bearing down on the area.

Don’t forget your pets. Please make sure that your pets are afforded the same protection as you and your family and/or co-workers during a severe weather event. Wherever you go, they should go as well. This goes without saying for many folks, but just something to keep in mind during moments of extreme chaos and confusion.

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The bottom line, as the Boy Scouts of America are always preaching, is to be prepared. Listen to weather reports, keep an eye on the skies and have all the little things prepared ahead of time, in the case of a big storm.

And if you need a safe room constructed, or if we can help in any other way, please contact Whayland at 302-875-5445.

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